How she manages her time to balance school and work on her project is a proof of a smart, focused young girl. Lisa Michael has just finished her Ordinary level education with Division One score in NECTA’s CSEE results – the highest performance in Tanzania’s secondary education grading system. Lisa used to commute about 18kms every day in overcrowded daladalas from her grandparents’ home in Pugu to Jangwani Girls Secondary.

Lisa joined our coding club at her school back in 2015 and has far since then developed a keen interest in programing ever since.

‘Since I was 14 years, I had developed passion in Technology, Robotics and computers. When I went to secondary school, I chose computer subject as optional subject. At school we usually studied about using computer applications but I wanted to learn more like how to develop those programs, I was so curious to learn programming. Then I found Apps and Girls and the world of technology began to open up’

With our mentorship and incubation, Lisa was able to structure her business idea, SmartShamba, and make it into reality. She has got opportunity to connect with experts and potential people willing to work with and contribute to her project. Her coding skills particularly web designing and internet programming helped her to develop platform.

What is SmartShamba?

Being raised by grandparents who are ordinary farmers, she had always desired to change their lives and of other farmers who rely on traditional farming system by transforming to modern and more digitized farming systems. That is where the idea of SmartShamba was conceived.

SmartShamba is an online farming education portal where farmers can have access to vital information about farming. But according to Lisa, SmartShamba is not just a web-based system providing information to farmers – there is more. Lisa is working on developing a device that will be measuring soil PH to help farmers make informed decisions on crops cultivation so as to increase their production. Currently, she is learning Arduino and robotics in order to gain the skills needed to develop such a device.

What achievements and exposure?

Lisa is a member of Junior academy at the New York academy of science where she worked with a team in the wildlife conflict challenge and they innovated a solar stove which would keep women and girls in Africa from using fire woods and charcoals as source of energy. In 2017 she got an opportunity to represent my country in the FIRST Global Robotics competition in Washington DC. She also participated in the Diamond challenge where she worked with a team to make briquettes as a way of recycling papers into charcoal in order to solve poor waste management problem in the environment.

How would you explain about Apps and Girls to a girl who has never heard about it?

Apps and Girls is the most impactful program which seeks to brightens the future of girls by sharpening the leadership and entrepreneurship skills, exposing them in the technological world and creating as well as developing them to be outstanding leaders and changemakers in their societies.

In one sentence how would you say about Apps and Girls

“Apps and Girls creates the real world of girls we were meant to be!”



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